Impact of war on child education

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Impact of War on Children and Imperative to End War

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War-affected Children

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War-affected Children

Traumatic war experiences and their effects on children. In: Wilson J, Raphael B, eds.

UNICEF Publications

International handbook of traumatic stress syndromes. New York: Plenum Press, Education for All Global Monitoring Report The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education.

How Does Violent Conflict Impact on Individual Educational Outcomes? The Evidence So Far. Patricia Justino. This paper was commissioned by the Education for All Global Monitoring Report as background information to assist in drafting the report.

These children are receiving military training and participating in combat, or taking up life-threatening roles at the battle-front, including carrying and maintaining weapons, manning checkpoints. The Geneva Conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child deal with protection of war-affected children with regard to food, clothing, medicine, education, and family reunion.

In addition, they are intended to protect children from ethnic cleansing and recruitment into armed forces. For example, the Child Advocacy and Rehabilitation group runs a month program for children who grew up surrounded by war.

Effects of war on children

As many as kids in three locations receive counseling, education, healthcare and job training to ensure they come out of their experiences in war as emotionally safe and confident people.

Effects of war on children Millions of children and young people worldwide are affected by armed conflict. They are confronted with physical harm, violence, danger, exploitation, fear and loss.

Many children are forced to flee. Some witness the death of loved ones.

The Great War and education

Some are forced to pull the trigger themselves.

Impact of war on child education
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War-affected Children | Teaching Refugees with Limited Formal Schooling