India can it become superpower

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India as an emerging superpower

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Corruption is defined as a way of of wealth for the beginning and for their rightful use. Grt hearts like C. Yes, India can become a superpower, but there are several issues that have to be addressed to. 1- Population: Just like how no rice can be grown when the crops are planted too close to each other, no country that has such a large, dense population can easily manage to devote its resources to everybody.

If challenges are overcome, India will become a superpower The combination of cultural power, a massive and growing pool of potential workers, a diverse and democratic society, rapid economic growth, and an economy that is already larger than many realize, India has tremendous potential for achieving superpower status.

India can become a superpower, but not before other countries. India CAN become a superpower, just like Rhode Island CAN be the best state in the nation and I potentially CAN win 10 world series rings. India is likely to remain the No. 4 military power throughbut if Russia is replaced by the U.K.

in the top three, this can increase India’s significance because the U.K. is a part of the. What does India need to become a superpower? The first thing is for it to become a Great Power. This is defined in international relations as a sovereign state with the ability to exert its.

5 reasons India will become a superpower

Considering the spectacular success of India in the short-term, its impressive growth rates over the last 10 years, and it's crucial success in the field of information technology has prompted a new question "Will India become a superpower in ?".

India can it become superpower
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