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The Works of Lord Byron (ed. Coleridge, Prothero)/Poetry/Volume 3/Parisina

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[edit this section] Click [More] to see more info Click [More] to see more info Click [More] to see more info. Commonly classed as a ‘last man’ poem, Lord Byron’s ‘Darkness’ tells of an environmental apocalypse in which all natural light has been “extinguished”.

Lord Byron Forgeries- claimed to be Lord Byron's son, and forg Literary Forgeries- English poet- Forged Medieval poems printed forgery- claimed to have some of Shakespeare's poems.

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Lady Caroline Lamb Biography Lady Caroline Ponsonby Lamb was the daughter of the earl of Bessborough and Henrietta Ponsonby, and the niece of the duchess of Devonshire.

As a child she was a tomboy – and a spirit of recklessness and disdain for convention never left her.

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