Recount writing activities ks1 sats

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How to write an excellent recount

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Suitable for a Reader 2 class.

National curriculum in England: English programmes of study

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How to tell or write a good recount

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All of the animations found here can be found elsewhere in The Literacy Shed although I have been asked by a number of KS1 teachers to group together KS1 specific resources. Writing Non Fiction. Writing Persuasive Writing. Cool Down Ideas. Coordinates. Display Tips and Resources.

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The Recount Writing Pack activity cards and example texts! View. 7 - Magazine Maker Pack Challenge your children to create their own magazine using the ideas and resources in this fantastic pack! View. 7 - Help your KS1 English students to write their very own postcards using this handy task setter powerpoint!

Look at what needs to be included in a postcard, then produce one yourself. This resource is perfect for a year 2 lesson on writing narratives about personal experiences for the National Curriculum.

SATs / End of Key Stage 1 Comprehension Assessment TRY WORKSHEET. SATs / End of Key Stage 1 spelling, punctuation and grammar assessment TRY WORKSHEET. Writing.

KS2 Writing Tasks

SEE ALL WORKSHEETS. Easy as Have fun learning at home on our desktop website or on-the go with our app. Create accounts. You can help your child read between the lines and understand the message the author is trying to convey by giving him plenty of reading practice and supplementing it with age-appropriate comprehension worksheets.

Try this fantastic ‘how to write a recount’ PowerPoint, perfect for aiding teaching of non-fiction texts and reinforcing different aspects of structure and language, such as introductions, conclusions, sequential words and paragraphs.4/4(18).

Recount writing activities ks1 sats
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