Unit 1 organisational structure

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Organizational analysis

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Mintzberg's Organizational Configurations

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The clear disadvantage with the professional structure is the lack of control that senior executives can exercise, because authority and power are spread down through the hierarchy. The organisational structure can be enhanced with exactly the information your personnel administrators and other users need for getting a perfect view of the master data so they can secure your data quality.

Most SAP HR installation have the standard layout of displaying the organisational structure through transaction PPOMW, PPOMA_CRM or PPOME with an overview of basis data.

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In computing, an organizational unit (OU) provides a way of classifying objects located in directories, or names in a digital certificate hierarchy, typically used either to differentiate between objects with the same name (John Doe in OU "marketing" versus John Doe in OU "customer service"), or to parcel out authority to create and manage objects (for example: to give rights for user-creation.

Unit 1 Business Environment P3 & P4 Yusheng & Steven P3 describe how two business are organised In this Prezi, we will define how an organisation is structured and the types of it such as Matrix, Tall and Flat organisational structure.

This will also include the benefits and purposes for each type of organisational structure.

Unit 1 organisational structure
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