Variable or fixed factors

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Fixed Factors and Variable Factors

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Variable factors are those factor inputs which change with the. It's much easier to budget for fixed expenses than a variable expense or discretionary expense.

Typical household fixed expenses are mortgage or rent payments. When comparing fixed costs to variable costs, or when trying to determine whether a cost is fixed or variable, simply ask whether or not the particular cost would change if the company stopped its production or primary business activities.

The distinction between fixed and variable factors is related to two periods the short-run and the long-run.

The period of short-run is too short to cause variation in fixed factors. Thus, in the short-run, some factors are fixed, while the others are variable. The issue of fixed and random factors is currently making itself felt in an area called group randomized trials.

An example of a group randomized study is a comparison of teaching methods in which randomization is achieved by randomizing classes to methods. There are a few things you should know about putting a categorical variable into Fixed Factors. 1. You don’t have to create dummy variables for a regression or ANCOVA.

SPSS does that for you by default.

Fixed v. Random Factors default is for SPSS to create interactions among all fixed factors.

Variable or fixed factors
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What are the Fixed Factors and Variable Factors of Production? – Explained!